About the Dudes In The Lab Coats

Graeme Walford

I went to college to study studio arts at Johnson State College,  Johnson Vermont 1994-1997.  Extensive time was spent with photography, ceramics and painting during those years. Real life came knocking and the path took unlikely turns eventually leading to a position as an automotive technician (aka petroleum primate, aka grease monkey). Creativity simmered below the surface waiting for an opportunity to bubble up. I've always had an interest in music, and the psychedelic sounds and ideas have always held a place in my heart. It didn't take long before I decided to see just how those amazing light shows were done in the old Fillmore East. This path lead me to buy a few necessary essentials to get started.  Life got in the way and the tools languished for a year or so in the closet until one fortunate day my close friend and electrician found my tools "domed up" (as he says) right in front of the outlet he needed to address. A few beers and a jury rigged screen later and we were mashing up a light show on the side of my house to the delight of a few select friends.  There was no looking back.

Doug Kopacz

My passion for music began as a kid in the early 70's having two older brothers with 8 tracks blaring rock and roll daily.  Our parents never had a chance!  Eight years as a musician in grade school and high school taught me the basics of music theory and the emotional inspirations of chord progressions and rhythm.  A few years in drama doing sound, orchestra and lighting further honed my eyes and ears for the feelings one gets from a great show or production.  When everything comes together, and the emotion wells up inside, a little chill runs down your spine...  That's perfection.  Being a part of that is a feeling I missed for years until Graeme kick started our experimentation with psychedelic lighting.  Now I'm hooked and I guess you'd say I see things in a very different light now.  Mixing light with music has become a whole new artistic passion and it has no limits.